Day 3 - APP Tournament In Sacramento CA: The wind & the winners!

🌬️🏆 Day 3 of the APP Pickleball Tournament in Sacramento, CA! From bone-chilling 45°F temperatures to swirling winds that defied the bounce of the ball, it was a battle against the elements. But amidst the chaos, there emerged a silent contender, Player Number 3: THE WIND. 💨 After a rollercoaster of ups and downs, we're thrilled to announce the victors of today's Men's Singles 5.0 55+ tournament. 🎾🏅 And a special spotlight shines on Shawn Berry, the lone player to receive accolades at the medal ceremony for his ultra-chic pickleball shorts, the Spring Dink Logo™ gradient Black, Grey, White, Purple, Violet, & Golden Yellow, by SKYblue Pickleball! 👖✨

🥇 GOLD: Dale Parslow
🥈 SILVER: Mike Pazourek
🥉 BRONZE: Shawn Berry

Congratulations to all the players who braved the elements and showcased their skills! 🌟 #APPBattle #SacramentoShowdown #PickleballDrama #SKYblueStyle 🏆🎾#pickleball #pickleballactivewear #athleisurewear #pickleballfashion #pickleballtournment @APPTour #SKYbluepickleball 


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