Aurora Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle by Skyblue Pickleball

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USA Pickleball Approved

Aurora Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle  

  • Max Spin™ Carbon Fiber face - Control your power drives and speedups.
    • Toray T-700 proprietary specification- The best paddle face technology in the world, for strength and touch at the kitchen. Skyblue custom developed for pro level play.
  • DreamTec™ Core- Play better with more control on all shot types. Feel the ball unlike most power paddles on the market today.  16mm face give key feedback on your shots.
  • 6" Elongated Cushioned Grip- reduces shock to the wrist, elbow, and shoulder joints.
  • Two Handed Backhand - You can hit them with ease, with the extra grip length.
  • Singles Players - 6"  length assures extra reach when needed on those key points.
  • Want to be a higher level player? - Win more points in the kitchen with precise dinks and 3rd shot drops.  Tournament play winning % will increase against all play styles.
  • Perfect balance - superior hand quickness during firefights at the net.  The key Swing Weight will make the paddle feel quicker, even if you add lead tape to the edges for more customization. 1 year of development to get the right feel for all types of play, whether aggressive or control at the kitchen.  
Aurora Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle - 16mm side view


From the moonlit beaches of SoCal, with inspiration to design the best paddles
for any style of play, Skyblue™ Pickleball sought to create a better paddle at a
better price. As players who are involved in the sport, our quest was to bring to
market a high-performance pickleball paddle to help improve your game. After one year of Research and Development, we have succeeded in bringing to the pickleball market a world-class paddle - with superior control and magic-like spin. 




Take your game to the next level.  Make it a Skyblue day!



Weight: 7.8oz-8.3oz - (221gr.235gr)

Grip size: 4-1/4" (10.8cm)

Grip length: 6" (15cm)

Core: DreamTec™ Polypropylene Honey Comb

Paddle Face: Max Spin™ Carbon Fiber (Toray T-700)

Color: Black with SkyBlue Vectors / Logo

Thickness: 16mm (0.63")

Length / Width: 16-5/16" x 7-11/16" (41.5cm x 19.5cm)

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty


Designed in Carlsbad, California with love!